Struggling to find the time to complete the administrative tasks involved in running your club?  Looking for an easier way of tracking payments?

We know you’re not alone and that’s why we launched SportsReg in 2016 as a streamlined solution to assist with the process.

The Problem

We found that a common issue for club volunteers is that, as their club grows, they’re spending more and more time on the administration for the club, leaving them less time to focus on training their players, preparing for matches and running tournaments.

Some of the biggest problems have been hefty paperwork, chasing payments and transferring information to a computer; this takes time and this is valuable time that could be spent on other aspects of the club.

The Solution

SportsReg was launched to revolutionise the process of collecting payments and tracking registrations and has since streamlined the process for many clubs including Eversley and California United FC, Yateley United FC and Richmond Park FC to name just three.

Our solution creates an automatic register of attendees as they sign up to an event, meaning that you can easily see who has and hasn’t paid without the need to chase people up.  The registration form will be available online 24/7 making the process easier for both you and your players/members.

You will be able to customise registration forms with your own questions, prices and details to suit the needs of your club and our UK support team will always be happy to assist you with the setup process.

We will securely process your online VISA and MasterCard payments, paying out to one or more UK bank accounts – so no more cheque chasing is required!

Did you know that SportsReg has no sign-up cost and you can get started TODAY?



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