Going Digital Can Generate Interest In Your Sports Club

Running a club like yours is hard work for everyone involved – there’s the practical training of your team, administration*, attending match days and a lot more whilst your players bring with them the dedication and hard work on-the-pitch and during training sessions.

All that hard work is great but does anyone outside of your club know about it?


Going Digital

The world has entered the digital realm and it is important for your club to become a part of this.  There are many ways that you can drive enthusiasm within your club as well as making it appealing to those outside of it, the benefits of which will be covered in more detail below.



Enthusiasm on-the-pitch is good but it is important to maintain this within your club between matches.

Harnessing the power of digital marketing will keep your players actively involved with your club during the week and you can use the tools to motivate your team ahead of the big match on Saturday.

As well as within the club, it is also key to make your club appeal to those in the local area; there may be players looking to join a new club, so make sure yours stands out above the others!



It is important to engage people online therefore registering your club on Google will ensure it appears at the top of searches ahead of rival clubs which will stand you in good stead to gain players.

Your club’s website is a great way of engaging your visitors and maintaining existing players’ connection with the club.  Celebrating wins and tackling losses will increase traffic as well as generating more interest in your club.

Social media tools are a great way to post real-time match updates, celebrate achievements and you can also direct people to your website.  Facebook event pages can also be created when there is a big match or to let people know of any last-minute changes, as well as encouraging spectators to attend.


Potential for Sponsorship

Remember the benefits we discussed earlier?  Now that you’ve seen the advantages of going digital, your club can have the potential to appeal to sponsors.

Sponsorship brings vital income into clubs however they will want to see an active use of social media and your club’s website; this is where they would most-likely be looking to advertise so you want to provide them with an attractive prospect.

Want to know more about securing a sponsorship?  Check out our blog here;




*Why not try SportsReg.co.uk for your camps, classes and memberships?

Here are just some of the benefits…

  • Perfect tool for any size of sports club or business
  • Increased online sales
  • No cash handling
  • User friendly, improved booking experience
  • Time/cost saving – reduced administration
  • Easy for you and your customers
  • Excellent setup and support



One comment

  1. I agree that it is really important to generate an online presence for your sports club. No matter what size!

    When I moved into a new house and area the first search I did was “football teams 5 year olds + town”. Only 1 of the local clubs that accepted kids that age had an online presence. The rest were very hard to get in contact or find out information about.


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