SportsReg is an online platform which allows clubs to take registrations and payments online. This will reduce your administration burden by streamlining the way in which your people can book onto tournaments or events!

Here’s five reasons why SportsReg is the perfect match for your sports club…

SportsReg can be used for Tournaments

Are you hosting a big tournament in the next few months? We’ve no doubt that you’re excited by the prospect, but there’s always the burden of paperwork that comes with it…with SportsReg there doesn’t have to be!

Using SportsReg for your club will streamline the registration process and allow for your players to sign up online.  No more chasing sign-ups or payments, as they can register 24/7. Result!

Clubs have reported saving 13 minutes of administration time per registration

We’ve had reports of clubs using SportsReg having their administration time reduced from 15 minutes to 2 minutes per registration – we think that’s a pretty awesome reason to sign up and start using SportsReg!

You can tailor the registration page to your requirements

The registration page is your oyster, with customisable questions, prices and information which you can tailor to the needs of your club’s tournament or event.

You can even upload your club logo to the registration form!

You can use SportsReg for different aspects of your club

SportsReg is also suitable for coaching camps, annual dinners and selling kit & merchandise alongside any other events your club runs!

This is great news for your club, as it means you can use it for a wider range of your events.

It’s free to Sign Up

Getting started on SportsReg is completely FREE! So you can sign up in a matter of minutes and start taking payments online. Wherever, whenever!

Now that we’ve convinced you, we’ll leave you with the SportsReg formula…

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