It’s common knowledge that when the likes of Steven Gerrard, John Terry and David Beckham were youth players, they were made to clean the football boots of the first team players at their respective clubs. This has widely been encouraged as a method of instilling respect, pride and discipline into younger players.

Here at SportsReg, we are delighted to have teamed up with BootChamp, the latest must-have product designed to make players stand out on the pitch, to offer an exclusive competition to those hoping to try this product for themselves. Read more about the benefits and how to win a free kit for yourself…

Check out these three ways that BootChamp will make you stand out on the pitch;

1. BootChamp transforms boot cleaning from a chore to a pleasure

Stuck cleaning your child’s boots in the same, mundane way? BootChamp offers a quicker, more enjoyable way of cleaning boots that will encourage children to take pride and responsibility in cleaning their own boots. After all, a little bit of boot cleaning never hurt Messi!

2. It’s easy to use

The kit is made up of four easy-to-use items;

boot-champ-15BootChamp’s stud scrub tool is a small handheld brush designed for an easy grip.  It enables all dirt to removed, even from those tricky places!


The wash and polish mitt is a two-sided wearable mitt which allows you to quickly scrub and buffer your boots whilst keeping your hand dry and free of mud!

boot-champ-3We all know the mess associated with boot cleaning, so BootChamp includes a mat to work on, keeping your kitchen nice and tidy.

We provide a boot bag to store your boots, making sure you are ready for your next game.

3. It’s easily transportable

Your BootChamp kit comes with a kit bag to store the cleaning materials and accessories.  The bag is easily transportable so you can take it to your games along with your other essentials.

Want to get your hands on a FREE BootChamp kit?

SportsReg are launching an exclusive competition in collaboration with BootChamp, you could be in with a chance of winning one of these fantastic kits…To enter, simply follow us on Twitter @SportsRegUK and retweet our competition tweet – You’ll find this pinned to the top of our timeline here.

The winner will be announced on Friday 31st March 2017…

Good luck!

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