Wondering how to write a match report that will spark interest?  Looking for ways to highlight what happened in the game in a way that will engage readers and build interest in your club?

Look no further, we’ve put together a blog detailing the best the way to write a match report…

Why do I need to write a match report?

Writing a match report will generate interest in your club online as you can showcase the talents of your players and the action from your recent matches.  Think about how you read up on sports events and matches that you’ve missed out on. Match reports are a perfect way to bring the game to life for those that missed it and in turn create excitement, awareness of your team/sport and also attract people to your website and social channels!

So, here’s how to write one in four easy steps…

1: Prepare

First up, it’s important that you prepare.  Take a notepad to the game, or write a memo on your smartphone.  Also, take a list of the players so you can add notes next to each name/number.

Take a camera so you can publish photos with your match report – this adds a sense of reliability to the information and articles/social posts with images record higher engagements than those without.

2: Headline and Tagline

Use a short, catchy sentence for your headline, for example “Hat-trick scored by —- in epic game.”  Summarise the key event but make the reader want to find out more.

Provide key details, including the result, in one or two sentences for the tagline.

Something along the lines of “Top Scorers FC come up trumps in league game despite wet and windy conditions” would be appropriate.

3: Content

Now that you’ve thought of a headline and tagline, it’s time to write the content!

Start with a short introduction before describing the key events such as goals, penalties, substitutes, referee decisions, stoppages in place and exciting moves.  Keep your writeup short and concise; avoid rambling.  Include player/coach names as this adds a ‘human’ sense to the report.

Also, make sure to include more details to set the scene; how was the weather?  Was the pitch in good condition?

4: Conclusion

Finally, put together a conclusion to sum up the overall performance of the team.  Analyse the match, and include interviews from the players, coach, or a supporter.  If you want to spark discussion, then throw in some controversial views!

Be sure to answer the who, what, when, where and how questions. Include images and make the title catchy.

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