Once you have set up your free SportsReg event page, you should share this on Twitter and your website, but another perfect platform is Facebook – where you can create your own event to reach a new audience and promote the event.

Follow these simple steps to set up your Facebook event page in a matter of minutes:


1. Log on to Facebook

2. Navigate to events (under the explore heading on the left sidebar – shown)

3. Click ‘create event’ – here you can choose if you wish to create a private event, which will limit who can view and attend the event, or a public event, if there are no restrictions on who can view and attend the event. NOTE: Creating a public event makes it visible to anyone on or off Facebook. You won’t be able to change it to private later.

4. Input all the details for the event, including the location, date and times.

5. Description should include the event name and any important information.

6. Keywords – This is important and will help your event be found on Facebook, think about your target audience. E.g. Football, Youth Football, Grassroots, Holiday Camps, Half Term etc.

7. Tickets – Your ticket URL should link back to the page where attendees can book tickets, this should be your SportsReg event page. (If you haven’t set up and event with SportsReg  – now is the time to do so!) When people visit your Page’s event, they’ll see a link to Get Tickets, which will send them to the web address you provided.

8. Co-Host, should you wish to authorise a second person to host the event. You can also choose here who can post to your event page – attendees may ask questions here so it’s a good option to allow anyone to post.

9. Guest list – This will show who is attending, again we suggest leaving this option on as it’ll highlight those interested in the event.

10. Once you have confirmed all the details, share the event page on your social media channels, another good idea is to write a short blog/news post for your website promoting the event, this should link back to your Sportsreg event page and will encourage people to attend the event.

Congrats, you’re all set to market your event!

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