The New England Patriots are arguably the most successful NFL team in the past fifteen years.  The club has won the American Football Conference for 13 of the past 15 years and has now won the Super Bowl four times!

Impressed?  Well, a big part of that amazing record is down to Bill Belichick, entrepreneur and head of the New England Patriots since 2000.

He refers to every member of the organisation as a shareholder; each player has a share of the team but it isn’t always an equal share.

TIP 1: Culture beats strategy

Like business, football is a team sport and Belichick believes that culture beats strategy; it’s not the specific details that win the championships, but the people.

TIP 2: Talent isn’t enough

All players are talented, but the key to success is to form a team.  To do this, Belichick seeks like-minded players who share the same core values as the Patriots.  This allows for a positive approach to training, playing and learning together, with everyone having a ‘can-do’ attitude.

TIP 3: Accountability

Belichick values team chemistry over the talent of individuals, and considers accountability to be a top priority; the players must be willing to perform under his rules and regulations.

TIP 4: Leadership starts at the top

Belichick believes that leadership starts at the top; you cannot have a great team without a good leader.  This means being responsible, approachable and having a clear strategy.

TIP 5: Values

Your club must have defined values; these three values guide the New England Patriots:

  •  Belichick seeks players with a genuine passion for playing football and asks questions to uncover the person’s passion for the sport.
  • Belichick looks for intelligent players; those with intellectual curiosity, commitment, a strong work ethic and follow-through.  This ensures that they will be able to follow the strategies set and improve with training.
  • Belichick believes that players must play to their full potential, thus fulfilling their “value.”  No one player controls the Patriots, and as such players performing at their best will create a fuller, more successful team.

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