After an incredibly exciting season of American Football, this weekend (Sun 5th) sees the AFC Champions, The New England Patriots, take on the NFC Champions, The Atlanta Falcons in a Super Bowl title game.

What is the Super Bowl?

The winner of the Super Bowl is the equivalent to the Premier League winner. The winning team is effectively the best of the best for that season. The team wins the Vince Lombardi Trophy and each player wins a Super Bowl Ring.

Where is the Super Bowl being played?

This year’s Super Bowl 51 is to be played in Houston, Texas. 

Where can i watch the game?

The action begins at 11:30GMT and is being shown on BBC 1 and Sky Sports. Lady Gaga is performing at the famous half-time show and the night is set to be full of entertainment as arguably two of the best NFL teams face off for the title. 

Who are the New England Patriots?

Based in the Greater Boston Area, The New England Patriots have won the title four times already and last won the Super Bowl in 2014, beating the Seattle Seahawks.

Key players:

Tom Brady – Quarterback. 

Martellus Bennett – Tight End.  

Who are the Atlanta Falcons?

Based in Georgia, The Falcons have yet to win a Super Bowl title after losing their two previous Super Bowl appearances. As a result they head into this game as the underdogs. 

Key players:

Julio Jones – Wide Receiver. 

Matt Ryan – Quarterback

SportsReg Verdict

 We think it’ll be pretty close this year, but the Patriots have been unstoppable this season and also have a better win rate than the Falcons. The Patriots won 14 games and lost 2 over the regular 16 game season, unlike the Falcons who only won 11 games and lost 5. Easing their way to through the play-offs, Tom Brady’s Patriots look set to pick up their fifth Super Bowl trophy.

Who are you rooting for?



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