Next month (March 3rd) footballs law-making body IFAB (International Football Association Board) will hold the annual general meeting and are due to discuss the proposal to introduce sin-bins for yellow card offences into the sport.

If the proposal is approved, the first affected will be youth and amateur level teams, with professional games later adopting the change within two to three years. The sin-bin proposal follows three years of experiments in the UEFA’s development competitions and has been heavily endorsed by FIFA’s new chief officer for technical development Marco Van Basten.

Other rule changes include allowing only the club captain to speak to the referees and the allowance of electronic devices such as tablets to be used by staff in the dugouts. These new laws are all already in place in the Rugby Union, which would act as evidence to show the improvements to the game and safety of the players the law changes have made.

In addition to these changes, notable other proposals are to allow national associations the ability to reduce the length of a match down from 90 minutes, for games outside of the top-flight. In addition to this the introduction of a fourth substitute during extra-time across all levels is also on trial.

How do you think these rules changes would affect the game? Which are you for or against?

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