Hugely popular among youth teams, half-term breaks and summer holidays are an ideal time to launch your club’s tournaments and events. We’ve come up with four ways your club can use a football tournament to raise funds for the season ahead.

1 | Charge teams an entry fee – If you can get 20 teams signed up, charging £30 per team, that’s£600 just from competitor entry fees. Organise collection buckets to be situated around the pitches, you can target spectators for donations to bring in some extra money too.
Upsell to spectators – Spectators will often want to purchase teas, coffees and food at games, a one-day tournament could attract plenty of spectators, bigger crowds = bigger sales. You could even charge a fee/suggested donation amount for car parking.
Sell tournament sponsorship to local businesses – Local businesses will often fund the purchase of the trophy and runner-up prizes and give a small amount of money for the running of the tournament in return for promotion on the day / your website / social media. Inviting the local press down is a great idea too, this will give the sponsors added coverage – which they should be happy to pay for!
Raffles / Games on the day – Keep the spectators busy between kick off’s and half time periods by selling raffle tickets, or charging to participate in games for a prize jackpot. Take some of the participant money for the club and put the rest into the prize fund, spectators would happily pay £1 for a chance to win £50, or to enter a raffle.

With ( you can register your club and set up your first tournament for free in a matter of minutes. We’ve even sourced a (handy tournament planner) you can download to help manage your tournament too.




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